Tree & Shrub Program Loganville GA

Ornamental trees and shrubs can add an exponential amount of beauty to the outside of your home. And there is nothing like a tree to give an extra dimension to your landscape, beautifying it from up high, giving a more regal appearance to your property. At Southern Botany in Loganville, we know that you have invested a lot of time and money into picking out, planting, and pruning these plants. While the shaping and color selection is critical to the overall appearance, none of it will matter if they are sickened or killed by disease. This is where our full service horticultural company comes into play. Our versatile staff excels just as much in this aspect of the outside as we do in our lawn maintenance. Similar to our lawn care services of the warm season, the Southern Botany tree and shrub program consists of five steps. Each of them is perfectly timed and spaced out to render maximum disease prevention and nutritional providence to all of your outdoor flora. No other local lawn care company has as cross-trained of a staff as we do. It all begins in late winter. The first round is most heavily focused on pest and disease prevention. All of your ornamentals and plants will be treated with a horticultural oil spray that will attack insects that have attempted to take up winter residence in them. Another thing that makes our pesticides so advantageous is that they do not harm beneficial bugs that aid us in beautifying your plants. In addition, fertilizer will be laid down in order to stimulate them to grow early, and give them a head start against these pests in terms of resistance. A well-fed plant is a stronger plant. Beginning in the middle of spring, and lasting through the summer months, our treatments become more slanted towards nutrition, just as in our lawn fertilization methods. Insecticide and fungicide applications will be applied as needed, but in this stage we lay in a slow releasing liquid fertilizer. This plant food is chosen so that your flora will get a steady supply of nutrients in between our visits. Rather than getting a heavy dose all at once, there will be a more consistent level of nourishment. When autumn arrives, we continue to nourish your plants via fertilizer that is slow releasing. This treatment will get to the deep part of the roots, encouraging them to grow further down. The longer the root, the more nutrients it is capable of absorbing. The fertilizer also has the effect of allowing the plants to recover from the warm summer months where they may have been stressed by excess heat and increased bug activity. The final step in our annual tree and shrub program is applied in early winter. We again turn our main focus to pest and disease prevention. Your plants receive the same preventive spray that they did in the early spring. It has the effect of preventing insects from making their way inside your plants when they look for a place to hibernate for the winter. Our business makes use of the best chemicals, as well as the most educated and thoroughly trained employees. Combine that with a friendly approachability of an ideal small business, as well as a fair price, and you will not find a better company to service the needs of your plants anywhere in the Loganville area. Don't keep your trees and shrubs waiting, contact us now for more information.