Lawn Care Program Loganville GA

For virtually every home, the lawn is the single largest component by area of the landscape. A lush, verdant body of grass serves as a vital foreground to the trees and shrubs that adorn the landscape beds, and the trees that are located within the area of the lawn. If the grass is thin or sickly, or is rife with weed growth it can affect the appearance of the entire picture. Ever since Southern Botany came into being, we have been the gold standard in the Loganville and greater Atlanta region for lawn care services. Our company's lawn program is a seven step application for the warm season, and a six step application for the cool season. For both packages, the initial two treatments focus the most heavily on the prevention of weed growth, but also contain a slow release fertilizer that is tailored to that particular season. The third and fourth treatments are geared more toward the loading of nutrients into the grass to spur an optimal growth cycle and maximize their health and resistance to weeds. Though during this time we also spot treat any sparse weeds that may have survived the initial applications. The final rounds of treatment during the cool season also concentrate on a special application of nutrients to promote root growth. This is due to the fact that the cool season is the time when the overseeding of your lawn takes place. Where weeding is concerned, only spot treatments should be necessary at this time. The end treatments are different in the warm season in that there will be an additional pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicidal application to prevent further weed growth, as most undesirable flora tends to still be active during this time of year. The seventh and final warm season application consists of a layer of limestone along with spot treatments. The limestone will raise the pH of your soil, preventing it from becoming too acidic. This has the effect of making the beneficial microorganisms within the soil more active, as well as increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients that were applied to the soil earlier in the lawn fertilization the lawn fertilization process. This package can be purchased alongside our recommended preventative fungicide program for both warm and cool season lawns. In this process to maintain optimal lawn fertilization and plant vigor, there are a lot of variables that we are able to control. However, one thing we cannot control is the weather. It is an undeniable fact that the weather can have an effect on the application procedures. Despite this inconvenient fact, we still guarantee the best results if you give us your patronage. This is where the diligence of our staff goes above and beyond any of our competition in the area. In addition to our regularly scheduled visits, we provide any necessary service calls in between at no additional cost to our clients. You will not be able to beat that level of dedication anywhere around here. Here in the Loganville and surrounding area, the personal treatment we give to our lawn care services is unmatched. Southern Botany guarantees the success of our program to every customer, regardless of external conditions. Please give us a call today.