Insect & Disease Control Loganville GA

While your lawn may be accosted by some different bugs than the plants in your landscape, they can have the same dastardly effect of ruining your flora. Like weeds, insects and fungi can replicate and spread very rapidly once they take hold of a plant. Southern Botany outdoes the competition with our insect and disease control programs just as handily as we do over other weed control companies in repelling the plant pests. Nobody else in the surrounding Loganville area can treat your outside with the same knowledge and skill as our first class team members. It is not possible to guarantee that we can eliminate and repel every single insect 100 percent of the time. But what we can guarantee is that they will be scarce enough to not pose a threat to your lawn. We not only have the best team on board, we also make use of the best products. The chemicals that we use to remove these unwelcome invaders from your property will not harm beneficial bugs. We can be the worst enemy of fleas, ticks, and fire ants, while remaining a friend to the bees. Southern Botany's insect and disease programs consist of fire ant control, flea and tick, turf insects and preventative fungicides. Our fire ant program is the fastest acting, most effective 2 application program in our industry today, we apply a bait in April then again in September while ants are forging for food, and this product is nontoxic to humans and animals. We guarantee control all year long and if you see any signs of ants between applications we will retreat at no cost. Our flea and tick program includes 3 applications during the active flea and tick season. This application will include all turf areas, natural areas, ornamental beds and under decks etc. Turf insects can be an issue throughout the year such as grubs, billbugs and armyworms just to name a few. Southern Botany's program will apply a preventative insecticide in early spring to suppress these devastating insects and continue to monitor all season long. Our preventative fall and spring fungicide program is recommended for your warm season lawns. We are experiencing more turf disease in our lawns such as spring dead spot and patch diseases. The treatment consists of using a combination contact and systemic fungicide that will help suppress these diseases. Just as with our lawn care services, the job we do and the price we charge makes us by far the best value local lawn care and overall horticultural company anywhere around Loganville. While you are waiting to give us a call, bugs and fungi are attempting to find a way to take hold of your landscape. So do not wait any longer, contact us now to get started on the path towards maintaining a healthy array of vegetation!